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Dalapro Fillers – A fast and easy way to get a perfect finish


Dalapro DM RepaFix

Our latest addition to the DM range. A white, easy mixed powder filler. Suitable for indoors and outdoors repairs, offers high strength and stiffness.

New design on Dalapro Flex

We have changed the design of our Dalapro Flex.

Create unique walls with a concrete feel

Dalapro Design is a new filler specially developed for those who want to create walls with a concrete feel. Using one single product, you give walls both character and colour.

Wall adhesives for all surfaces

Our new, easy-to-use adhesive products have been produced with a focus on user-friendliness and a perfect end result with smooth surfaces.

Hand filler especially for Habito drywalls

Dalapro Habito Joint is a revolution in ready mixed hand fillers with superior properties on impact resistance and surface hardness. Special formulation guarantees the best adhesion for papertape jointing on Habito drywalls.

New design of our Dalapro Max products.

We have changed the design of our Dalapro Max products. The products are of the same quality as before. Read more

Dalapro Magnetic

Perfect for a bulletin board at home, in the office or at the school.