Application methods

Roller filling

Roller filler


Roller filler is a filler that can be easily rolled onto plaster or concrete walls. It’s easy to use, but we’d still like to give you a few useful tips on the best way to make use of all of the filler’s benefits.

You work faster – and have more time for other activities
Studies show that roller filling is 30–40% faster compared with traditional filling. Our roller filler has good filling capability, just as well as other fillers, and using a roller to apply it makes it easier for you to distribute the correct ainstall of filler across the wall.

You work smarter
Applying filler is tough work. Anyone who’s a professional decorator will know that. Roller filler reduces wear on the body and leaves more energy for both work and leisure. With roller filler, you quite simply work smarter.

A greener way of working
Almost all roller fillers from Dalapro are Nordic Ecolabelled. This is important, as more and more builders and customers want to have Nordic Ecolabelled buildings, where energy and health are considered throughout the whole process.




Start by inspecting the surface, then sand and repair holes and uneven area.

Use a roller on a pole to apply the roller filler. Apply filler to as large an area as you think you will be able to smooth before the filler has set. The filler becomes a little matt on the surface when the time is just right to start smoothing it.

If it has dried too much, open up the filler once more using the roller. Smooth it.

Use the filler on the putty knife when smoothing to apply finely in corners and ceiling angles.

llow to dry and then sand.