Saint-Gobain Sweden, business unit Scanspac ( in text called Dalapro ), is the publisher of the website Dalapro. To give you the best possible experience of our website Dalapro use Cookies. Cookies are used to trace your previous visit to our website and to manage our performance of our website. On some of our websites our sub supplier, for example social media, places Cookies on your computer. Dalapro also stores your IP address for use in website statistics.

Information that is saved is anonymous and do not contain any personal information such as name or e-mail address. Information about visitors cannot be traced by Dalapro.

It is possible for you to change your computer settings which prevent Dalapro and our sub suppliers from placing Cookies on your computer. These setting may cause the website to not respond correctly.

Information on how you can prevent Cookies on your computer is down below.


What’s a Cookie?

A Cookies is a small amount of data which has an unique stamp on it. These data is sent from a website server to your browser and is saved on your hard drive so that the website can recognize your computer.

All websites send out Cookies if your computer allows it, and Cookies can only read information from themselves and not from third party companies.

There are two kinds of Cookies, permanent and temporary ( session cookies ). Permanent Cookies are saved as a file on your computer over longer period of time. Session Cookies are only available when you visit a website to whom you have agreed on Cookies previously, and these Cookies are only active when you visit that website. Most companies use Cookies on their website to enhance the website and to make it more user friendly. Cookies do not damage your files nor increase the risk of computer virus.

As user you always have the option to choose to allow or decline Cookies in your computer by changing your computer settings. Cookies is used on most websites, not only Dalapro, to keep track on how many users and on which information the users has searched for on the website. These information is used to speed up your browsing when you visit the website again. If you activate “No Cookies” you will lose some of the websites functions.

Dalapro is collecting information like your IP address, which device you are using and some technical information of your connection. The purpose of that is primarily to improve the website. Dalapro will never leave your information to third parties


Find and remove Cookies

Every browser is different. Search in your browser on how to change the settings for Cookies. You can always delete Cookies from your hard drive. Look in your browsers settings on how to do that.

If you deactivate Cookies you may lose some of the websites functions. Some pages may not be displayed at all if Cookies are deactivated on your computer.

More information about Cookies you will find at