Dalapro Roll Hydro

Roller filler for wet rooms
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• Blue, ready-mixed roller filler, especially for wet rooms.
• Produces a tough, water-repellent surface.
• Also suitable when an especially hard-wearing surface is needed.
• Roller filler saves time and is gentle on the back and shoulders.
• Approved for embedding paper tape.
• Suitable for both new production and renovation.

Product information

Dalapro Roll Hydro is a blue, ready-mixed roller filler for wet rooms. Also suitable when you want to create a particularly hard-wearing surface, such as in public premises. Suitable for all commonly used substrates on walls and ceilings indoors, such as plaster, concrete, wood and brick. The high binder content in the filler gives the product a tough, water-repellent surface and maximum adhesion to the substrate. The smooth consistency makes it easy to distribute the filler evenly over the whole surface. Apart from the time saving, applying filler with a roller is ergonomic, which means less strain on the body. The product is suitable for both joint filling and fine smoothing in both renovation and new production.


Filler must be applied by a roller on clean dry and intact surfaces at a temperature of at least +5°C. Sand down the filled surface once it has dried. Use sandpaper with grain size 100–120. Eye and respiratory protection are recommended when sanding. Dust off before next treatment. Filled surfaces must be primed before wallpapering.


Dalapro Roll Hydro is suitable for embedding paper tape. The product meets the CE-marking requirements in accordance with EN 13963 and is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. When finishing plasterboard: follow National guidelines and recommendations in accordance with EN 13963. Combined with CertainTeed Marco Spark-Perf joint tape, the product is suitable for joint filling on plasterboard.

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Name Packaging Colour Article No.
NameDALAPRO ROLL HYDRO 12 L PackagingBucket ColourBlue Article No.610194


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