Levelline Flex

Flexible corner bead for all angles
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• Fold to create desired angle.
• Resistant to cracks and wear.
• Suitable for inside and outside corners in different angles.
• Secured to filler.
• The bead comprises a strong polymer core.
• Suitable for plaster, concrete, fabric and painted surfaces.

Product information

Levelline Flex is a corner bead on a roll that can be folded to create the desired angle. Suitable for inside and outside corners on plaster, concrete, fabric and painted surfaces. The product is made of paper and has a strong polymer core. It is stable and is not affected by temperature or humidity variations.

The front and rear sides have densely fibred special paper designed to provide the best adhesion to filler. In combination with the filler, the product produces the perfect outside corner and creates the best conditions for painting or wallpapering. For the best results, use accessories when mounting.


You need a putty knife, a joint filler adapted for tape and a roller tool.

1. Open the box and pull the tape out through the hole in the lower edge of the box. Pull out the tape to the desired length and cut off with scissors.

2. Apply filler generously to the corner using one of the Dalapro Joint products and press the tape into place. Note that the text on the profile should be facing the wall.

3. Press the tape firmly into place. For the best results, use the Roller tool. Cover with a thin layer of filler. Allow to dry properly before next treatment.

4. Then apply filler one or two times (depending on quality class). Allow to dry then sand. It is then ready for finishing with paint or wallpaper.

Product data

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NameLEVELLINE FLEX, 30 M PackagingRoll Article No.642181

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Dalapro Premium och Levelline Flex