AquaBead Outside 90

Outside primed corner bead
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• Primed in ready-trimmed lengths.
• Suitable for 90-degree outside corners.
• For papered plasterboard.
• A strong bead, resistant to cracks and wear.
• Available in three lengths.

Product information

AquaBead Outside 90 is a corner bead suitable for 90-degree outside corners on papered plasterboard. As the corner bead is primed, just spray clean water to activate the adhesive. It is then ready to mount. The corner bead is made of a very strong polymer core that is embedded in paper, making it strong and resistant to cracks and wear.

You can also use filler to create a straight, neat corner even if the substrate is not perfect. The paper then guarantees adhesion to the subsequent layer of filler. For the best results, use corner tools when applying.

Available in three lengths: 2.5 mm, 2.7 m, 3.0 m

AquaBead Outside 90 is suitable for use on untreated outside corners of plaster walls, i.e. on all plasterboard coated in cardboard. AquaBead should not be used on composite panels, fibre-reinforced plasterboard or cement-based panels.The temperature of the room and plasterboard must be no less than 10 degrees. The plasterboard must be dry, clean and free of plaster dust. NB: Not to be used on painted/wallpapered surfaces.


Brush away plaster dust before mounting.

1. Trim the profile to the correct length using scissors.

2. Spray clean water onto the inside of the corner reinforcement using a pressure spray, making sure that the inside is sufficiently moist. First spray one flange, then the other.

3. Wait around 60 seconds for the adhesive to be properly activated. Press your thumb against the adhesive; when it sticks or feels sticky, the corner reinforcement is ready to be fitted. Place the damp side against the plasterboard and press the corner reinforcement onto the corner with your hand. For the best results, use a corner roll. Take care to press firmly along the full length.

4. Filler can be applied over the AquaBead Outside after only 30 minutes, although it can also be applied later. Apply filler over the bead one or two times, depending on the final result you want to achieve.

NB: Temperature and humidity can affect the drying time. Water should not be applied with a sponge, brush or similar, as this can remove the adhesive from the surface.

Product data

Articles information
Name Packaging Article No.
NameAQUABEAD OUTSIDE 90, 2,7 M PackagingList Article No.642135
NameAQUABEAD OUTSIDE 90, 2,5 M PackagingList Article No.642137
NameAQUABEAD OUTSIDE 90, 3,0 M PackagingList Article No.642138

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Dalapro Premium and AquaBead Outside 90