Outside 90 Roller

Corner bead tool for outside corners
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• Tool for mounting outside corner beads.
• Enables time-saving and ergonomic work.
• The roller expels excess filler.
• The roller allows for quick, simple mounting.
• High-quality product.
• Extremely wear-resistant.
• Easy to keep clean.

Product information

Outside Roller is a quality tool for applying outside corner beads. The roller expels excess filler and allows for quick, simple application. The product is of high quality, extremely wear-resistant and easy to keep clean. Ideal for use together with the Extension Pole and Adjustment Adapter, which are sold separately. Enables time-saving and ergonomic work.

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NameOUTSIDE 90 ROLLER Article No.642191

Instructional video

Dalapro Premium and Habito Flex 83
Inspire videos
Dalapro Lightning Premium and Habito Outside 90