New! Extra high-filling hand filler

Dalapro Edge

Discover our revolutionary hand filler for plasterboard joints and corner beads with unique filling properties.

Dalapro Edge is a ready-mixed hand filler with extra high filling capacity and adhesive effect that is equally effective on both concrete and plaster. The unique filling properties mean that one layer less needs to be applied on plasterboard joints and corner reinforcements. The product also has minimal sinking over time.

Dalapro Edge is Nordic Ecolabelled, M1 classification, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and has IAC Gold Certificate.

Patent pending

The technology behind the high filling capacity of Dalapro Edge is both innovative and unique. We have applied for a patent and the process is under way. It is protected until further notice by Patent Pending: EP 3943466A1.

Next generation of filler products

Dalapro Edge is the first in a series of products – both new ones and existing ones that have been updated – based on innovative technology and a sustainable mindset. The next generation of filler products, no less. It is essentially all about making it easier for you, as a decorator, to do a really good job – for the customer, yourself and the world at large.

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