Application methods

Spray filling

Spray filler

Spray filling is a fast, ergonomic and economical work method for bigger surfaces. Incredibly efficient method for large areas! This method is also used for structural filling of ceilings, known as texturing. Spray filler is available in various forms in 15 litre sacks and 15 litre buckets.

High-pressure Airless machine – airless
The high-pressure Airless machine disperses the filler without the use of added air, which is why it is widely known as “airless”. This kind of machine is often a combi machine, i.e. you can spray both filler and paint using the same machine. The spray has a high capacity, is silent and distributes an even spray that makes it easier to apply in even layers. It provides minimal splashing and spray mist. With an Airless machine You normally use nozzles 631-639 with it for fine smoothing and texturing. For joint filling plaster, the nozzle should be reduced to 329.

High-pressure rotor/stator pumps for spraying airless
There are a number of rotor/stator pumps on the market that are so-called airless pumps. These machines are silent and need no air to spray filler.


It is often more rational to spray than to apply filler by hand, even on relatively small surfaces. This applies above all to ceilings, which are very labour-intensive to fine smooth by hand. You then do the smoothing from the floor with the aid of a ceiling smoother on an extension pole.