Dalapro Base-Coat

White Spray filler for an extra hard-wearing surface
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• White spray filler that provides a hard and scratch resistance surface.
• Provides a matt finish.
• For gypsum boards, concrete and plaster indoors.
• No need for smoothing after application.

Product information

Dalapro Base-Coat is a self levelling ready mixed sprayplaster that provides a superior hard and scratch resistant surface. The product is designed to take a Q3 finish to a Q4 without the need to skim coat by hand.

Dalapro Base-Coat allows the paint to absorb at the same rate over the entire gypsum surface by sealing the porosity between the joint compound and the wallboard paper surface which provides a uniform finish coat. This will eliminate the risk of flashing joints and provides a good base for further finishing with wallpapers or paint. For application use a paint or plaster spray equipment. Ideal for substrates with high pedestrian traffic areas such as schools, hospitals or commercial centers.


Apply Dalapro Base-Coat to a sanded, dust free and dry substrate using a paint or plaster spraying equipment. Application should be done as when you are spraying paint or plaster, overlap approx. 50% with each pass. Layer thickness should be approx. 300-350 um. We recommend using a Fine Finish tip 5/21-5/25, working pressure round 120-140 bar. Machine pressure can vary from different machines. Make sure you have a good spray pattern before the start of application. Any defects in the surface can be sanded down when dry. Use 180–220 sandpaper if sanding is required. Use adequate protective equipment when spraying and sanding.

Note: before applying Dalapro Base-Coat, the gyspum boards needs to be finished according to tape, fill and finish standard.


Dalapro Base-Coat is CE labelled with EN 15824 and is produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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Dalapro Base-Coat


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