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• A glass fibre-free fabric.
• For lining and reinforcement of ceilings and walls.
• Produces a smooth surface.
• Manufactured from soft cellulose and polyester fibres.
• Gentle on the skin and airways.
• Suitable for walls and ceilings indoors, but not in wet rooms.

Product information

Dalatex is a glass fibre-free fabric for the lining and reinforcement of ceilings and wall surfaces where a smooth surface is desired. The fabric is manufactured from soft cellulose/polyester fibre, which makes it a better alternative for the working environment than glass fibre fabric. Dalatex reinforcement covering is gentle on the skin and respiratory tracts, easy to work with and provides the decorator with a dust-free working environment. The product is suitable for all normal substrates in dry spaces.


Dalatex should be applied to dry, solid and cleaned surfaces at a temperature of at least +5 degrees. Apply the adhesive in fluid form with a spray or roller. Apply the fabric edge to edge and allow to dry before priming the fabric with a primer.
1) Apply wall adhesive to the substrate.
2) Attach Dalatex wall covering to the substrate covered in adhesive.

Product data

Articles information
Name Packaging Article No.
NameDalatex CP 80 PackagingRoll Article No.640117
NameDalatex CP 100 PackagingRoll Article No.640110


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