Dalapro Roll Maximum

Roller filler with very high filling capacity
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• For pre-filling and fine smoothing.
• Easy to work with.
• Easy to sand.
• Minimises risk of pinholes on non-absorbent substrates.
• Produces a fine finish that is suitable to paint directly after sanding.
• Roller filler saves time and is gentle on the back and shoulders.
• Nordic Ecolabel.
• Patent pending 3943466A1.

Product information

Dalapro Roll Maximum is a ready-mixed roller filler with very high filling capacity. Smooth to apply and easy to sand. Minimal risk of blister formation on non-absorbent substrates. Suitable for pre-filling and fine smoothing of walls and ceilings in new construction and renovation. Suitable for most substrates and produces a fine surface that can be painted directly after sanding. Not only does rolling of the filler save time, it is also ergonomic, causing less strain on the body. Grey. Nordic Ecolabelled.

The patent process is under way. The technology behind the high filling capacity is protected by Patent Pending until further notice: EP 3943466A1.


Apply with a roller to clean, dry and intact surfaces. Temperature: minimum +5°C. Sand the filled surface down once it has dried. Use sandpaper with grain size 150-220. Eye and respiratory protection are recommended when sanding. Dust off before next application. Filled surfaces should be primed before wallpapering.


Dalapro Roll Maximum meets CE-marking requirements in accordance with EN 15824. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. When finishing plasterboard: follow National guidelines

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Name Packaging Colour Article No.
NameDALAPRO ROLL MAXIMUM 12 L PackagingBucket ColourGrey Article No.610285

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