Dalapro Design White Mix

White, stainable design filler
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• White design filler that produces a concrete-like wall surface.
• Can be blended with any shade to create a wall with colour variations.
• Ideal on painted or wallpapered walls that need freshening up.
• Applied by hand using a putty knife.

Product information

Dalapro Design White Mix is a ready-mixed white hand filler that is easy to work with. Used as a white wall reviver or as a primer blended with any shade. Creates a wall that is smooth, but looks like concrete. Seal the surface with TopCoat for protection. Dalapro Design is also available in shades of grey and green. Suitable for most substrates on walls and ceilings indoors, such as concrete, plaster, fabric and wallpaper. Suitable for both new production and renovation.

Dalapro Design can be used on the most common substrates: painted fabric, polished surfaces, plaster and concrete walls. Old wallpaper should have a primer applied in order to avoid blister formation during filling.
In spaces where there are high levels of human activity, the outer corners should be fitted with corner reinforcements, which are mounted before filling.


Dalapro Design is easy to apply and distribute evenly across the surface. The filler has minimal shrinkage and very good adhesion to the substrate.

Preparations: Make sure that all surfaces are clean and free of any dust or loose particles. Porous and highly absorbent substrate should be primed. Cover floors, skirting boards, door cases and any cornices, and use masking tape on edges.
If necessary: stir the filler so that any pigment is mixed well in before filling.

NB: To avoid colour differences: Use packages with the same batch number.
Think about what kind of effect you want to have on the wall. Short sweeps with the putty knife create finer variations. Long sweeps produce a more rustic, slightly rougher appearance.

Step 1: Apply Dalapro Design using a putty knife to a thickness of approx. 1-1.5 mm. Leave to dry for 24 hours.
Step 2: Scrape away any edges and unevenness carefully with the putty knife. Avoid damaging the surface. If necessary, sand in circular movements using sandpaper with grain size 180-240.
Step 3: Apply the second layer of filler like a thin knife filler of 0.2-0.5 mm. You now apply the final finish to the wall, so make sure you adapt the filler to the desired end result (see Step 1). If you want a darker effect, apply a thicker layer. Leave to dry for 12 hours.
Step 4: Scrape away any edges and unevenness carefully with a putty knife, or use a sanding block and sand in circular movements. This helps the differences in shading to emerge. Remove dust after sanding.
Step 5: To seal the surface and achieve a more maintenance-friendly surface, seal with TopCoat. Apply at least two layers of TopCoat using a foam rubber roller or a short-bristled paint roller. The drying time is approximately 2-3 hours.


Dalapro Design meets the CE-marking requirements in accordance with EN 15824. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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