Nordic Ecolabelled wet room filler

Dalapro Hydro


Our wet room fillers for hand application have now passed the tough tests to be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel. We have also EPD-labelled the products, and they will be available in new, eco buckets.

Dalapro Hydro offers a hard, water-repellent surface that is easy to sand and provides a fine finish on which to apply paint.

Dalapro Hydro 3-litre and 10-litre buckets have been updated with an eco-bucket and a new packaging design featuring the Nordic Eco label and EPD label. In connection with this, the products’ 
article numbers are also being updated. This change takes effect as of 14 February 2022.

Dalapro Hydro 10 L
Current art. no. 613140
New art. no. 613220

Dalapro Hydro 3 L
Current art. no. 613120
New art. no. 613221

Dalapro Hydro 400 ml will come a little later during the spring.

Dalapro Hydro 400 ML
Current art. no. 613205
New art. no. 613222