New, environment-friendly plastic buckets

Dalapro now packaged in an environment-friendly bucket


Now sees the launch of our new buckets in a new, environment-friendly material. Dalapro Nova 10 L will be the first.

  • Carbon footprint, from raw material to factory, reduced by 56 % compared with a fossil-based bucket
  • 100 % recyclable material
  • At least 90 % recycled plastic
  • No impact on product properties

Nova is just the beginning
Dalapro Nova 10 L will lead the way, packaged in an environment-friendly Soft Grey bucket. Dalapro Nova is a professional quality, Nordic Eco-labelled hand filler with several environmental benefits.

This means that we can offer an environment-friendly portfolio that comprises both filler and packaging. In the longer term we can contribute, together with our customers (or: with you as a customer), to reduced pollution in the oceans and on land as the same materials can be reused – time and time again.

More products in our range will be following Nova in future – fully in line with our strong and always equally relevant focus on sustainability.