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The way to success

  • Use the right product on the right substrate.
  • Make sure you have the right climate, not to hot, not to cold.
  • Use a method suitable for your project.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s advice.
  • If necessary, use safety protection.


Keep in mind that the indoor climate is of great importance when using fillers. The substrates must have a temperature of +10 degrees. A damp and cold substrate will not only extend the drying time but it could also effect the adhesion to the substrate. Do not try to force the drying time by using heaters, a to warm environment may cause the filler to dry to fast on the surface leaving wet filler underneath and crack. A good way to control the drying is to make sure you have good air circulation.

Filler shall be stored indoors and not be exposed to sun or cold temperatures. Unopened buckets can be stored for 12 months. Do not use fillers that has been frozen or exposed to mould.