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Ready-mixed roll fillers – Saves your time and money as well as your back

Dalapro Roll Fillers are ready and easy to use, but here we have some good pointers on how to take advantage of the properties of the filler.

You work faster – saving time
Our studies show that you can save up to 30-40% in labour time comparing to hand application. Our Roll Fillers has low shrinkage and is very smooth to spread out with a standard paint roller.

You work smarter 
Doing jointing and skimming can be tough and exhausting, all professionals know this. That’s why the Roll Filler can help you work faster but with less effort. 

Environmental labelling
Dalapro Roll Fillers meets the high demands of the Nordic Eco Label Svanen, this label is a guarantee that the product is tested and approved for Eco Building. 

Dalapro Roll Nova