Marco Joint Tape

Paper tape
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• Provides strong reinforcement of plaster and other board joints.
• Produces durable plasterboard joints.
• For walls and ceilings.
• A quality product, meets the market’s demands for plasterboard joints.
• Must be used with a filler approved for embedding paper tape.

Product information

Marco Joint Tape has been specially produced for the strong reinforcement of plasterboard and board joints in ceilings and on walls. Produces durable plasterboard joints.


1. Fill the whole recess in the plasterboard with a suitable filler. The layer of filler should be at least 0.5–1 mm thick in order to achieve good adhesion with the filler tape.

2. Then place the filler tape in the wet filler with the outside of the tape facing the wall and press firmly into place by drawing the putty knife along the joint.

3. A thin layer of filler must be applied over the tape immediately. When the filler has dried out, apply a second and third layer of filler.


Marco Joint Tape is suitable for embedding paper tape. The product meets CE-marking requirements in accordance with EN 13963. When finishing plasterboard: follow National guidelines and recommendations in accordance with EN 13963.

Product data

Articles information
Name Packaging Article No.
NameMARCO JOINT TAPE, 150 M PackagingRoll Article No.642114
NameMARCO JOINT TAPE, 76 M PackagingRoll Article No.642115
NameMARCO JOINT TAPE, 23 M PackagingRoll Article No.642116


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