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Green design filler that produces a concrete-like surface

Dalapro Design Calm Green

Green design filler that produces a concrete-like surface
Green design filler
Dalapro Design - Green design filler

A green filler that is easy to work with and produces a concrete-like surface with unique colour variations. The filler is ready-mixed and can be used immediately. Ideal for walls that have previously been painted and wallpapered.

Apply the product by hand using a putty knife, leave to dry and then remove edges and roughness using the putty knife. Take care not to damage surface by dragging or pressing too hard.

Dalapro Design is available in green, grey and white. The white filler can be tinted to your desired colorbut can also be used in white. The range also includes a TopCoat product, which is used as a final protective coat.

Dalapro Design is easy to use and is ideal for both DIY-ers and professional users. Find out more about the workflow and what to do in the product data sheet, and check out the instruction film.

Product data

Title Volume L Colour Article No.
Dalapro Design Calm Green 9 Green 116815204


Dalapro Design meets the CE-marking requirements in accordance with EN 15824. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Material consumption depends on the substrate. Allow approx. 1.5 litres per square metre for the first coat and approx. 0.5 litres per square metre for the second coat.


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