Dalapro Habito Joint

Hand filler for Habito plasterboard
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• Grey, ready-mixed hand filler for joints and corner beads.
• Specially developed for Habito plasterboard.
• Superior hardness and impact resistance.
• Adhesive effect provides optimal reinforcement for tape and beads.
• For plasterboard and concrete.
• Approved for embedding paper tape.
• Nordic Ecolabelled.

Product information

Dalapro Habito Joint is a revolutionary grey, ready-mixed hand filler with adhesive effect and superior hardness and impact resistance. Specially adapted for joint filling with paper tape on Habito plasterboard. Recommended for preschools, schools, hospitals and homes where there is a need for a particularly tough, impact-resistant surface. Dalapro Habito Joint can also be used on plasterboard where there is a need for a hard surface. The product is also suitable for the adhesion of corner beads. Nordic Ecolabelled.


Apply by hand to clean, dry and intact surfaces. Fill the entire joint with filler, insert the paper tape and press firmly, then apply filler directly over the paper tape. After drying, apply filler to the desired surface treatment requirements. Temperature: minimum +5°C. Sand down the filled surface once it has dried. Use sandpaper with grain size 120-150. Eye and respiratory protection are recommended when sanding.


Dalapro Habito Joint is suitable for embedding paper tape. The product meets the CE-marking requirements in accordance with EN 13963 and is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. When finishing plasterboard: follow National guidelines and recommendations in accordance with EN 13963. Combined with CertainTeed Marco Spark-Perf joint tape, the product is suitable for joint filling on plasterboard.

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Name Packaging Colour Article No.
NameDALAPRO HABITO JOINT 10 L PackagingBucket ColourGrey Article No.632182


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