Speed Corner 90

Outside corner bead with self-adhesive tape
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• Protection for external corners on internal.
• For papered plasterboard.
• Self-adhesive strips for quick and easy install.
• No need for setting time, filler can be applied immediately.
• Manufactured in recyclable polystyrene.
• Easy to cut to correct length using regular scissors.
• Sturdy, moisture-resistant packaging.

Product information


Speed Corner 90 is a corner reinforcement for indoor use on papered plasterboard that protects and ensures straight 90-degree corners. The corner reinforcement is quick and easy to mount, as it features a self-adhesive tape and can be installed without tools. The product provides a sharp edge against which to apply filler. It is suitable for all kinds of external facing corners such as mouldings and cladding.

The corner reinforcement is manufactured in enviromentfriendly, recyclable polystyrene plastic. May be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabel buildings, but cannot be registered in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s building product portal.


1. Trim the corner reinforcement to the desired length using regular scissors. The corner reinforcement should be trimmed 3–5 mm shorter than the corner on which it is to be mounted, to avoid it becoming jammed.

2. Remove all the protective foil before mounting. The protective foil has a non-adhesive edge on the inside, known as a finger lift, to make it easy to remove.

3. Continue the mounting process by aligning one end of the corner reinforcement symmetrically over the corner where mounting is to start. Press the corner reinforcement against the corner and press the edges of the reinforcement against the plaster to secure adhesion.

4. Continue to gradually press the corner reinforcement against the corner, pressing the edges against the plaster along the whole corner. Filler can now be applied to the corner.

5. Always use a CE 13963 filler with high adhesion.


Speed Corner 90 should be used together with a filler that is approved in accordance with the CE marking EN 13963. Speed Corner 90 is designed for mounting on papered plasterboard. If the product is to be mounted on other materials, such as composite, fibre plasterboard or cement-based panels, the surface on these should first be treated with a suitable adhesive primer. Adhesion to materials other than papered plasterboard must always be checked and primed before installation. The surfaces the corner reinforcement is to be attached must be dry and free of dust. The temperature during mounting should stay 10°C or above. The corner reinforcement must be mounted at a relative room humidity of between >30% and <70%.

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