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Wall adhesive for wallpapers

Dalapro Wallpaper Adhesive

Wall adhesive for wallpapers.
Dalapro Wall adhesive for wallpapers.
Dalapro Ecolabelled professional-quality wall adhesive.

Dalapro Wallpaper Adhesive is a transparent, Ecolabelled professional-quality wall adhesive. A water-based starch adhesive for installation of paper wallpaper and wallpaper made of acrylic or vinyl with a paper reverse side. Suitable for most substrates in new construction and renovation indoors.

Product data

Title Volume L Colour Article No.
Dalapro Wallpaper Adhesive 12 Transparent 636144
Dalapro Wallpaper Adhesive 5 Transparent 636145


The adhesive fulfils Swedish wallpaper industries trade organizations requirements for adhesive.