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Flexible self-adhesive corner bead

AquaBead Flex PRO

AquaBead Flex PRO flexible water-activated self-adhesive corner bead
AquaBead Flex PRO comes in a roll
Activate the self-adhesive side of AquaBead Flex PRO with water
AquaBead Flex PRO is self-adhesive
AquaBead Flex PRO is easy-to-apply
AquaBead Flex PRO corners are finished with Dalapro ready-mix filler
AquaBead Flex PRO comes with a set of easy-to-use tools
AquaBead Flex PRO self-adhesive corner bead

AquaBead® Flex Pro is an easy-to-apply flexible, water-activated, self-adhesive drywall corner that doesn’t blister, bubble, dent or crack. AquaBead Flex Pro is a high performance corner bead made of a high-strength polymer core that is coated with paper on both sides and perforated in a manner that achieves solid coverage with a single pass. The product is forgiving to the flaws and variations of edge cuts and surpasses the impact resistance of most metal beads that easily dent and have to be pulled back off. AquaBead flex Pro installs quickly with a superior bond and since the adhesive paper is water-activated, contractors can apply it using only a spray bottle - no nails or compound are required - eliminating common punch list issues such as nail pops and edge cracking.

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AquaBead Flex PRO 2 500 85 642142


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    Easy-to-apply flexible, self-adhesive drywall corner