Our factories are now climate-positive

Climate positive production Scanspac


Away with all those fossil fuels and up with lots of solar panels! Our factories are now not only carbon-neutral, they’re actually climate-positive.

Sustainability work can be so many things. For us at Dalapro, one aspect is about developing our operations to have the least possible impact on the environment. Our Nordic Ecolabelled products and and buckets made of recycled plastic are two good examples. Another one is the way we moved from a production process that had a negative impact on the climate to now having climate-positive production at our production facilities.

This is what we did
We started by phasing out all fossil fuels, choosing instead renewable energy sources to run our machines, vehicles and premises. This contributed to making our production climate-neutral, which is great in itself. But we wanted even more, so we set up a large solar panel installation on our roof in Glanshammar. We now generate so much electricity that there is some left over for society too. Taken as a whole, this means that the impact from our factories is less than zero – and that we can now proudly confirm that we have climate-positive production.

Check out our solar panels
Why not take a look at our video (just 40 seconds long) about this part of our sustainability journey? We hope that you too will be inspired! And of course you’re always more than welcome to call in at our facility in Glanshammar to take a look at our solar panel installation.