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Facts about fillers

Producing filler is no easy task, the demands are high on environment, ergonomic and economic facts. Dalapro are always aiming to be in the front of developing new, more functional and efficient solutions for the professional decorators.

We have products for all applications methods, hand filler, roll filler and spray filler. Our accessories and tools provides the professional decorators a solution for every job, every time.

Different fillers have different properties, some are suitable for wet rooms, some for carpentry. Our customers should always find some product that fulfil their needs and get an high quality product.


What is the filler made of?

  • Aggregate, provides the filling capability in holes, cracks and joints. The aggregate is often dolomite and different type of microspheres.
  • Binders, guarantees that the filler sticks to the substrate and doesn’t fall of when sanded. Also provides different properties to different products.
  • Thickener, gives the right consistency.
  • Solvents, we only use water as solvent.
  • Additives, such as dried clay and rust inhibitors.


Choose the right products:

A well executed filler work is crucial to achieve the wanted result under paint or wallpaper.Choosing the right product and accessories is of most importance and at Dalapro Support we can give you a helping hand when deciding the method and product for your project.



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