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Environment & Quality

A reliable supplier
Dalapro filler is manufactured under the auspices of the ISO 9001 quality system. The goal is to meet the quality requirements of the future. Continuous development is essential. It is important to have knowledge of how to do the right thing, and then to do the right thing. Our machines are modern and have been developed to manufacture filler. The manufacturing process is computerised as far as possible. Process-controlled recipes, specially constructed mixers and a fully automated pallet loading process all contribute to an efficient flow, which is confirmed by ISO 9001. But it is primarily about the people behind the processes, about applying engagement and competence to achieve the right result. This, combined with a very strong financial position, means that you can rest assured that you will receive the right products from a reliable supplier.

Major focus on environmental work 
We take environmental issues seriously in the manufacturing of Dalapro. We strive continuously to ensure that our products will have as little impact as possible on our shared environment. The goal is that the product's environmental impact over its entire life cycle shall be as low as possible.
Dalapro filler is manufactured under the auspices of the ISO 14001 environmental management system. This involves us working to map our environmental impact and to follow up on this with action and improvements. We maintain a keen focus on environmentally smart choices of raw materials, efficient energy utilisation and making sure that we minimise as far as possible any spillage and waste.
To further enhance our environmental work, we work with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This label provides us with proof that our products contain low levels of substances harmful to the environment and health, have low emissions to air, and are efficient and meet tough functional requirements.

Our work is characterised by a strong focus on safety 

Our employees must have a safe, secure and pleasant work environment. We must create the same conditions for our customers through the products we supply to the market. We were among the first to consider the work environment of end users. We were the first to launch a light filler (1981), a spray filler for a light paint spray (1990) and a roller filler (2011). We have followed up on this trend by continuing to create innovative solutions in terms of function and user-friendliness, in both products and packaging. We produce safety data sheets for all our Dalapro products.

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

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